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Please come in! Excel Plaza is a resource for the Excel community. It's a place to wander from "shop" to "shop" and read articles written by a variety of folks that really enjoy working with Microsoft Excel and helping others become better at doing the same. If you're shopping for a specific solution, please use our search tool (coming just as soon as I figure out how to add one to the website, I promise) or check our our Article Index. And feel free to just browse like you would a regular open air market or bazaar and see if you find something interesting!

Umm, yeah, about some of the "articles"... I've only just re-launched this site in May of 2018, so you may find whimsical placeholder pages around the website until each author builds up his library of articles.

truby's toolbox

Truby's Toolbox

Need some serious power tools for your Excel projects? These professional grade tools and tips on VBA and Excel programming will help you become a real Excel craftsman.

Truby's Three Most Recent Articles:

houdini's door

Houdini's Magic Shop

Let Barry Houdini show you how to escape many of Excel's formula traps! You'll be amazing your friends and coworkers with your Excel prestidigitation skills in no time.

Houdini's Three Most Recent Articles:

aladin's lamp

Aladin's Lamp

It's almost as good as rubbing a lamp and having a genie pop out! Aladin makes many of your Excel wishes come true with his amazing formulae.

Aladin's Three Most Recent Articles:

barresse's bistro counter

Barresse's Bistro

Order up something that is mentally nourishing and will make your spreadsheets extra tasty at Barresse's Bistro

Zack Barresse's Three Most Recent Articles:

xcel files

The Xcel Files 2.0

Most Excel power users in the "double-aughts" knew about Ivan F. Moala and his amazing website - The Xcel Files. Alas, Ivan got too busy to keep the website up. I am very excited that Excel Plaza is able to bring Ivan's marvelous library back to the Excel community.

Coming soon: Xcel Files on

candy store

Free Candy

Almost every office has one or more folks who are kind enough to set out a bowl of candy to share with their coworkers. This section is our "free candy bowl". Help yourself. Guaranteed - no calories and will not cause tooth decay!

Our Three Most Recent Goodies: