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Aladin Akyurek

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Barry Houdini

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Greg Truby

photo of greg truby Greg studied International Business at Wichita State University and worked in international trade for twenty years. His first international experience was in Costa Rica where he lived for two and a half years, working as a Volunteer with the United States Peace Corps. While in the Peace Corps Greg developed a multi-user accounting system for a Savings & Loan cooperative using dBaseIII and Clipper and Lotus 1-2-3.

Upon returing to the USA, Greg took on the role of Export Sales Director for Osborne Industries, a small manufacturer located in north central Kansas. While as Osborne, Greg used Quattro Pro and Paradox to build custom software tools to support export sales operations.

Greg left Osborne in 1997 to join Sony Electronics' World Repair Parts Center (Americas) [WRPC(AS)] as their Export Manager. It was at Sony that Greg began using Excel and Access. During his twelve years at Sony, in addition to his regular job responsibilities, Greg developed several applications in Excel and Access that improved operational effectiveness and efficiency in his group as well as other groups within the company.

When Sony relocated the WRPC(AS) facility from Kansas City to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Greg used his severance package to finance the start up of GabrAria LLC, a small company dedicated to providing Excel- and Access-based solutions to commercial and governmental enterprises.

Ivan F. Moala

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Zack Barresse

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