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Disclaimer and Copyright

Any of the VBA code or formulae that are published on the GabrAria.com website or the ExcelPlaza.com website are published with the intention of helping the Excel community and, unless otherwise noted, are granted to the Public Domain. It is up to the user of the code or formulae to determine whether the code is appropriate for their needs and to test the materials and determine whether it is appropriate, functional and robust in their environment.

Prior to using any formulas or VBA found at GabrAria.com or ExcelPlaza.com users are strongly encouraged to make backups of their Excel workbooks and any other data files that any VBA code might attempt to access. And really, this is a recommended practice for any formulae or code you download or otherwise obtain from any website, not just from ExcelPlaza.com or GabrAria.com

You may use the formulas and VBA code as you deem fit. This includes using the code in commercial works and works for hire not developed by GabrAria LLC. In no case does GabrAria LLC or any author of any material posted on GabrAria.com or ExcelPlaza.com assume responsibility for any damages that may result from using materials sourced from either site. Use them at your own discretion and your own risk. By using them you agree to hold Gregory B. Truby and GabrAria LLC free of any liability.

Any time you do use VBA code or formulae sourced at GabrAria.com or ExcelPlaza.com please include a link back to the web page that was your source. This will allow you or anyone who subsequently assumes responsibility for the upkeep of the workbook to check back for any additional notes or updates that might have been posted to the original article.

All explanatory notes, narrative and other general article content (textual or graphics) on GabrAria.com and ExcelPlaza.com is copyrighted by GabrAria LLC and/or the original author and may not be published without the explicit written consent of GabrAria and the original author.

Microsoft is not affiliated with either GabrAria.com or ExcelPlaza.com.


As far as I am aware, this site does not use any cookies. At least no cookies that I have written or added to the pages to track anything.

The site does use Google Analytics, but that's it. Any other usage stats would be done by GabrAria's web hosting service and not for GabrAria's use or benefit. Whatever stats your ISP (and the NSA) might be collecting about what you've been doing is on you.

Any links on GabrAria.com or ExcelPlaza.com are provided as a courtesy to direct users of these sites to other articles or information that I (or the article's author if I didn't write it) believe users would find useful. Once you leave the GabrAria.com or ExcelPlaza.com properties, the privacy policies of the new sites and their owners would be in effect and any concerns would need to be directed to the owners or administrators of those sites.