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About the Authors
Short biographies on the main authors at Excel Plaza.
Aladin's Lamp
Aladin Akyurek's area on Excel Plaza; filled with illuminating articles written by this formula guru.
Article Index
A list of all of the various articles available at Excel Plaza.
Barresse's Bistro
Zack Barresse's area on Excel Plaza; filled with zesty, nutritious and 100% fat-free Excel goodness.
The Candy Counter
An assortment of free downloads that should help the average Excel user solve common Excel problems.
Consulting & Development
Information about Excel applications development and consulting services offered by Excel Plaza authors.
How to reach us via e-mail.
The main landing page which contains descriptions of each "shop" in Excel Plaza.
Houdini's Magic Shop
'Barry Houdini's' area on Excel Plaza; filled with formula wizardry to amaze and astound your boss and coworkers.
In a nutshell: use common sense, always back up your data, caveat emptor, if you got it here it's free, tell folks where you got it, and we ain't nosey.
Site Map
Erm... that would be where you are right now...
Some Excel Plaza authors offer professional training services, this page shows you where to learn more about the training they offer.
Truby's Toolbox
Greg Truby's area on Excel Plaza, predominantly heavy-duty articles on advanced VBA useful for creating top quality Excel applications.
Xcel Files 2.0
Ivan F. Moala's famous Xcel Files's new home. Lots of very advanced VBA.
Test Lab
I'm self-taught on this website building stuff so there's a lot of trial and error going on with CSS3 and HTML5. The lab is the final testing grounds for new things just before moving them into production.     - Greg Truby